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Is your essential oil’s price too good to be true?

As aromatherapy blossoms in popularity, many are questioning whether the vendors they trusted really are selling pure, unadulterated, high quality oils. There have even been a couple of rounds of fundraising initiated to put company’s oils to the test. The money raised pays for independent testing of a company’s oils …
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Books for beginners

New to aromatherapy? The following books are great starting points. For the absolute beginner I would recommend Marge Clark's book. For a primer on blending, I recommend...
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Lab Aroma Blending Software

Lab Aroma is a “a chemistry based, clinical aromatherapy focused, software tool that formulates the chemistry behind essential oil blending while presenting a detailed chemical breakdown and physical effect visual.”  I had a chance to try it out recently thanks to founder Colleen Harte and was very impressed with the …