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Ultrasonics vs. Nebulizing Diffusers-Which is Better?

You may have seen claims that nebulizing diffusers are the most therapeutic diffusers out there and been confused. What does that mean? Are ultrasonics not therapeutic? The short answer is both are therapeutic. Let’s explore the differences to help you decide which is best for you. What’s the difference? Ultrasonics …

Diffusing Essential Oils in the Classroom-Is it Safe?

Every winter there is a range of nasties that make the rounds, from annoying colds to debilitating flus, to miserable gastorenteritis. Sickness is not fun. This winter, a few school districts around my area have had absenteeism up to 40% with norovirus. It can be easy to see why teachers …

Can essential oils be used to prevent Ebola?

This site advocates the use of essential oils as complements to healthy living, not as medicine, however recently Young Living and its distributors were cited by the FDA for promoting Young Living Essential oils as anti-virals (including against Ebola), anti-cancer, and a host of other conditions that “cannot be self-diagnosed” …


Safety Tips for Diffusers: Clean your diffuser if water or oils have been sitting for more than a day or two. Water quickly grows microorganisms, and some oils oxidize when exposed to air. Oxidized oils should not be diffused.  Ultrasonics should be run for a maximum of 30 minutes, two …

Blending Tips

Creating your own therapeutic oil blends Blending oils yourself can help you target aromatherapy to your own needs. Choosing oils for a particular condition is not difficult, but you must also factor in which oils are safe for use and whether you have any allergies or sensitivities to an oil. …

Finding Quality Essential Oils

What to look for when shopping for oils When using essential oils for aromatherapy, it is important to choose pure, unadulterated oils. Essential oils are widely used in food and cosmetics and these industries demand consistency, so oils are sometimes altered so that they have the exact same chemical make-up …