Which diffuser should I choose?

There are so many options and really, the answer depends on what your primary use will be. Diffusers can broadly be divided into active and passive. Active diffusers use pumps or ultrasonic technology to force oil particles into the air. Examples include glass nebulizers, ultrasonic, and vaporizer/humidifiers. Passive diffusion works by evaporation of the volatile essential oils into the surrounding air. Some passive diffusers use fans or heat to speed evaporation and propel the vapor into the air. Examples include oil warmers, reeds, personal inhalers, plug in diffusers, and terracotta pendants.

Diffusers for therapeutic benefit

If you are looking to diffuse essential oils primarily for their therapeutic benefit, then the best option is the nebulizer. This type of diffuser uses pure essential oil and breaks it up into a fine mist, which is propelled into the air. No heat is used, so the properties of the oils are not altered. By contrast, ultrasonic and humidifying types of diffusers use essential oils in water. The resulting mist is much less concentrated. For some, this lower concentration of oils may be an advantage. Some essential oils are very potent and can even cause sensitization. Some oils carry cautions about use with children, pregnant women, the elderly, or pets. For this reason, it is important to know all the precautions about the oils you diffuse. More about Active Diffusers

Diffusers for scenting your home

If you are looking to diffuse oils primarily for their scent, then a less expensive option may be right for you. Any of the active or passive diffusers can infuse your home, car, or workspace with a wonderful aroma. As discussed in the How Aromatherapy Works page, scent is not just a good smell, it can produce wonderful emotional and psychological benefits. And, the possibility of other therapeutic benefits are not excluded with passive diffusion since essential oil molecules are evaporating into the air, and you are inhaling them. More about Passive Diffusers.