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Where to Buy Essential Oil Diffusers

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Two essential oil diffusers on a table with title text where to buy a diffuserI was asked recently “Where can I buy an essential oil diffuser?”  A few years ago, you would be hard-pressed to find a diffuser in a store, but now there are more and more local options. Despite that, the widest selection will still be available online.

My first piece of advice is always to decide what type of diffuser to buy.  Once you know what kind you want, read on for where you can buy them.

What type do you want: A super quick primer

Ultrasonics are by far the most popular choice. They are fairly inexpensive, work well both therapeutically and for scenting, and only require a few drops of precious oils in order to run for 4 hours or so. Other main types of diffusers include nebulizers, oil warmers, and fan diffusers. For more information, you can read my complete buying guide here.

Where to find diffusers:

Once you know what kind of diffuser you want, you can narrow down where to purchase them. Your best selection will be available online.  However, with the popularity of aromatherapy, more brick and mortar shops are carrying diffusers in store.

Finding diffusers in stores near you:

Bed, Bath and Beyond has a nice selection of diffusers including some that made our most beautiful diffusers list. A selection of them are available in stores. As with all of the shops listed in this article, selection may vary from location to location. Bed, Bath and Beyond has a feature on their website that allows you to search for products at your nearest location.

Walmart also carries diffusers online, some of which are carried in store. Again, you can narrow down results to your local store. A wider selection is available to order online and have shipped to the store.

Target carries a small selection of diffusers, including SpaRoom diffusers.  A few models are available in stores, with more selection available for in store pickup.

Fred Meyer (Kroger) has had some Homedics Ellia diffusers available in store—check the fragrant candle section.

Kohl’s carries a few diffusers in store including the Serene House line. They have more options online including Stadler, the Homedics Ellia line, and more.

While purchasing diffusers in store is safe and convenient, I don’t recommend buying most essential oils carried in big box stores.  Demand for essential oils is increasing and supply is limited by what plants can give us, therefore adulteration is commonplace. For inexpensive oils that have been tested for authenticity I recommend Plant Therapy. You can also find their oils at Amazon.

Where to buy diffusers in Canada:

If you are in Canada, Saje carries several diffusers in their shop as well as a selection of essential oils. They carry several models and in store they often have a few diffusing their oils. Saje also has locations in Southern California in the U.S. If you get a chance to visit one, it is a treat for the aromatherapy lover.

Other brick and mortar stores to look for include local shops. Stores that carry soapmaking supplies, herbs, and natural markets are all places where I have seen a limited selection of diffusers.

Best online choices:

If you are shopping online, of course the largest selection will be at Amazon. If you are a Prime member you get 2-day shipping, and they have a generous return policy. Those are great advantages. That said, sometimes a smaller e-tailer that specializes in aromatherapy may be a preferable choice. The big advantage is access to a knowledgeable staff that can answer your pre-sale questions.

Some specialty online diffuser shops include:

Diffuser World—carries one of our favorite nebulizing diffusers but also a well curated selection of other diffusers, both their own brands and other lines.

Aroma2Go—Aroma2Go initially was known primarily for their USB diffuser but in recent years have greatly expanded their offerings. Several models are quite beautiful. They also have a fun line of aromatherapy pillows called AromaPets.

Spa Room—SpaRoom has a nice variety of both functional and beautiful diffusers.

Abundant Health 4 U has a small but varied selection. In particular, they have a few Artisan ultrasonic diffusers made of porcelain that I have not seen elsewhere.  They also carry a diverse selection of diffuser jewelry.

If you want to stock up on a few oils along with your diffusers, the following reputable oil suppliers also carry a few diffusers:

Plant Therapy stocks a small selection of diffusers including their own. Their AromaFuse is a large capacity ultrasonic that can run for up to 10 hours. In 2017, they continued to introduce a limited selection of diffusers.  Plant Therapy is a great source of reputable essential oils at reasonable prices.

Finally, some of my favorite essential oils come from Eden’s Botanicals. They only have one diffuser, but it is a lovely porcelain ultrasonic diffuser that looks like a modern vase.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas for where to buy an essential oil diffuser. If there are any great sources that I have missed, feel free to leave a comment below.


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