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The 8 Most Beautiful Ultrasonic Diffusers

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the most beautiful essential oil diffusersFor years diffusers were not known for their beauty. Many of them are made of plastics, have cheesy lights and an utilitarian look to them.  Several of them look like humidifiers.  Fortunately, there are a few companies that are rectifying this by offering pretty diffusers that will look like a piece of art in your room.

The Criteria:

So, what were we looking for when selecting this list? Beauty is subjective, but we were looking for:

  • Some artistic elements in either shape, pattern, or design
  • Tasteful use of lights, if any
  • Not plastic, or mostly not plastic

In no particular order, here’s what we found:

Puzhen Sha

True beauty comes at a price. As a whole, Puzhen creates some of the loveliest diffusers around. Absolutely unique is their Sha line of diffusers with a pottery base made of a rare purple clay. With a price tag well into three figures, it is a splurge but definitely a piece you could display as a work of art.  Unfortunately they seem to be hard to come by right now, so hopefully this doesn’t mean they are being discontinued.

The Puzhen SHA Series Aroma Diffuser (Medium) Diffusing Essential Oils from Puzhen Life USA LLC on Vimeo.

Ellia Aspire (Homedics)

Homedics is a company well known for wellness appliances like massagers and foot spas. They now have  the Ellia line of diffusers. They are all good looking, with the Ellia Gather and Balance standing out in particular. Their most beautiful diffuser though is the Aspire. It is a simple glass basin on wooden legs. It comes in two colors, and can be controlled by an app on your mobile device! Or, you can just use the included remote.  On a more practical note, this diffuser runs up to 10 hours continuously or 20 hours intermittently which is longer than most.

Spa Room Marble Mist

Spa Room Marble Mist is an egg shaped diffuser made from marbled glass. It is available in three colors, but the blue one is my favorite. It holds 100 ml of water and has settings to run for 1, 2, or 3 hours. Yes, it has lights, but as they illuminate a beautiful marbled glass dome it is a positive in this case. At a little over 4 inches in diameter and 5 inches high, this one is not a centerpiece, but would be a lovely accent piece on a sidetable.

Aroma2Go Gaius

Aroma2Go has a few colored glass diffusers similar to Spa Room’s Marble Mist. In fact the Gaius is our top choice for beauty on a budget. The blue marbled glass is lovely and the diffuser has settings that control the output of diffusion (low, medium and high mist level) as well as several choices for intermittent diffusion. It will run up to 8 hours on one fill. For the price, it boasts a lot of features. Of course, it has a light, but it can be easily turned off.

 Spa Room AromaGlobe

Another SpaRoom product that catches our eye is their glass and bamboo AromaGlobe. This one is only 6.5 inches in diameter and 5 inches high. It is a diffuser for a medium sized room with a capacity of a mere 100 ml of water and a coverage area of 250 ft. It has a sister product the AromaScape with a glass piece shaped a bit like a vapor instead of a dome.

Spa Room Auramist

Sticking with the SpaRoom theme (clearly they are doing something right) the Auramist (affiliate link, Amazon) is not displayed on their website, but available from Puritan’s Pride and Amazon . This model is unique in that it is square. I cannot think of another diffuser like this. The exterior is wood and the top is a dragon gate. It is a small capacity diffuser that has continuous and intermittent settings. This is our favorite zen diffuser.

Pilgrim Collection Teo

Just when our next choice seemed to be only available in Europe (the Amaya diffuser by Made By Zen), we came across the nearly identical Teo diffuser by Pilgrims Collection (affiliate link, Amazon). It makes our list with reservations. It is lovely, with a beechwood base and ceramic dome (the Amaya has a bamboo base) and comes imported from Belgium. My reservation is I cannot find any information about this company. That said, it has enough positive reviews on Amazon that I decided to include it anyways. It will cover the area of an average sized room (250 s.f.) and has three timer settings.

Aroma2Go Cascade

Our next diffuser is indeed made of plastic, but has the look and texture of stone. The Cascade puts the appliance in wellness appliances, but in a good way—doubling as a Bluetooth speaker, and tripling as a waterfall. That said, one look and you can see why it made our list. The lights can be turned off, but here is another case where the lights are a tasteful addition. It can be operated by remote control and has separate water reservoirs for the diffuser and the waterfall so your waterfall will never run dry!

Hopefully other companies will follow suit and offer up more choices for diffusers that have the features we want with the look we deserve! Did I miss anything–leave a comment below if you know of another beautiful diffuser I should include.


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