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Essential Oils

Chamomile-German Essential Oil (Matricaria chamomilla)

Sources: Europe Extraction: Steam distilled Note: Middle Scent: herbal, strong, sweet, slightly fruity Key Points: Calming and promotes sleep Eases headaches and tension Anti-inflammatory Properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunostimulant, antispasmodic, bactericidal, sedative Uses:  insomnia, stress, tension, nausea, headaches, anxiety, hyperactivity Cautions:  Avoid if pregnant. May cause skin irritation or allergic reactions …
Essential Oils

Juniper essential oil (Juniperus communis)

Sources:  Europe Extraction:  Steam distilled Note: Middle Scent: Fresh, woody, fruity Key Points:  Useful to disinfect airborne germs Eases nervous stress Properties:  antiseptic, antimicrobial, analgesic, sedative Uses:  coughs, colds, flu, stress, insomnia, mental clarity, disinfect air Cautions:  Use sparingly. Do not use during pregnancy, or with kidney or liver disease.
Essential Oils

Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum)

Sources: Europe, USA, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Comoro islands Extraction: Steam distilled Note: Top Scent: Herbaceous, spicy, anise Key Points: Is said to have a purifying effect on the body (Schiller) Eases stress and headaches Promotes mental clarity and concentration Can be calming and helpful in insomnia Can be helpful for …
Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil: Uses in a Diffuser

Last updated: July 17, 2016 Sources: Europe Extraction: Steam distilled Note: Top Scent: floral, herbaceous Key points:  If you pick just one oil to start your aromatherapy journey, it should be lavender as it is has so many uses and is a safe oil for beginners Calms anxiety and promotes …
Essential Oils

Chamomile-Roman Essential Oil (Anthemis nobilis)

Sources: USA, Europe Extraction: Steam distilled Note: Middle Scent: sweet, herbaceous, fruity Key Points: Calms nervous tension and anger, irritability (can be used on children) Ease headaches Blended with lavender it can be helpful for insomnia (Metcalfe)   Properties:  analgesic, anti-spasmodic, immunostimulant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, sedative Uses: Insomnia, calm anger, headaches, …
Essential Oils

Rose oil (Rosa damascena; Rosa centifolia)

Sources:  Mediteranean Europe, North Africa Extraction: Solvent extracted (absolute); steam distilled (otto) Note: Middle Scent: Floral Key points: Used for female issues In diffusion, use for depression and grief Expensive. Some sources recommend the absolute as best for diffusion, while others caution against the absolute for therapeutic use due to …