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Quiz: Which Diffuser is Best for You?

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What is your main reason for wanting a diffuser?

How strongly do you want to scent your space

What is your budget?

How willing are you to clean and maintain a diffuser?

Which Diffuser is Best for You?
Nebulizers: The best choice for you is a nebulizer. Nebulizers use undiluted essential oils and release them as a super-fine mist into the air. They are the best choice for diffusing essential oils for therapeutic purposes. If you have children or pets, avoid models with glass tubing—the Aroma Ace would be a good choice. Nebulizers are recommended to be used for 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day so look for a model with a timer.
Ultrasonics: Ultrasonics are extremely popular. They combine value with therapeutics. The essential oil mist is less concentrated than with nebulizers but they still provide benefits. They are simple to clean and remain cool. Ultrasonics are available in low, medium and high price points.
Passive Diffusers: It sounds like you are looking to add some light scent to your surroundings. Any diffuser will do the job, but a passive diffuser may give you what you need without breaking the bank. These work by simple evaporation of essential oils and provide the mildest scent.

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This quiz is for fun and education. Before purchasing a diffuser, we recommend you read our complete guide to choosing a diffuser.

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