Back to School Diffuser First Aid Kit

August and September mark back to school in most of North America. And, with school comes germs and illness. Keeping my family a little healthier is what led me to essential oils and diffusion in the first place. So, now is a good time to check your cabinets and stock …
Essential Oils

Chamomile-German Essential Oil (Matricaria chamomilla)

Sources: Europe Extraction: Steam distilled Note: Middle Scent: herbal, strong, sweet, slightly fruity Key Points: Calming and promotes sleep Eases headaches and tension Anti-inflammatory Properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunostimulant, antispasmodic, bactericidal, sedative Uses:  insomnia, stress, tension, nausea, headaches, anxiety, hyperactivity Cautions:  Avoid if pregnant. May cause skin irritation or allergic reactions …