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Innogear Real Bamboo Diffuser – Review

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Disclosure: I received the Innogear Real Bamboo Diffuser in exchange for my honest review.

Innogear Real Bamboo Diffuser ReviewThe Innogear Real Bamboo essential oil diffuser (affiliate link, Amazon) is a pleasant surprise in an ever widening sea of cheap and flashy diffusers. When I received this diffuser, my first surprise was that the exterior actually was bamboo. Yes, I know the name says real bamboo, but I honestly was expecting faux bamboo plastic. This alone sets this model apart from 85% of the other ultrasonic diffusers out there.


Multiple operations settings

The Bamboo diffuser can run in several user selected modes: continuous, intermittent, on a one hour timer, or on a two hour timer.

Discreet lights, with options

The lights on this diffuser are subtle, basically just a ring near the top. There are a few user controlled options: cycle through 7 colors of lights, select one solid color, or turn the lights off completely.

Quiet operation

Few diffusers are completely silent, but this one is rather quiet, with just a slight gurgling now and again.

Auto shut off

This has become a standard feature in most diffusers and it is good peace of mind to know that the unit will shut itself off when the water reservoir runs dry.

Perfect for small to medium sized rooms

This is a small capacity diffuser, as well as smaller in dimensions. It is about the size of a squat thermos. More specifically it is about 4 inches in diameter and 6 inches high.

What I liked about this diffuser

Timed settings: This is probably my favorite feature of this diffuser. This is a reasonably priced diffuser, and you don’t always find this many timer options at this price point, if at all. The timer allows for intermittent diffusion, or a 1 hour or 2 hour continuous mode. The company reports that the intermittent mode runs 10 seconds on and 10 second off. In my testing, it seemed closer to 5 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Lights are subtle and user controlled: I love that the lights can be turned off—another feature lacking in many models. When you do choose the lights, they are subtle—just a small band of them encircling the top of the diffuser. They are probably not bright enough to be used as a night light—at least not if you need it to guide your way in the dark.

Real bamboo: Another thing that sets this apart is the exterior is made of wood (well, technically bamboo is a grass). The inner workings are still made of BPA free plastic, but the outside is actually bamboo, making this something you don’t mind having out on display. Bamboo is also a sustainable choice since it grows so readily.

Better than expected room coverage: This is a small diffuser (just 160 ml basin) but it actually has good output. I tested it in a large open room and I could smell it through about half of my house after 20-30 minutes. Always remember that strength of aroma is very dependent on your choice of oils (I used equal parts petitgrain, sweet orange, and lavender).

Long cord: This may be a pro or a con, but the electric cord that comes with it is over 4 feet long. This gives people in houses with limited outlets more options as to where to place it. It can be a negative in some situations where a long cord makes it easier to trip over or knock over.

What could be better

Intermittent mist could be longer: Recommended diffusion times (by experts, not companies) are about 30-60 minutes two to three times a day when using an ultrasonic diffuser. I would have liked the intermittent mist to have a longer interval (maybe 10 seconds on, 50 seconds off, or even better, 10 minutes on, 20 minutes off). As I mentioned above, having intermittent mist in a diffuser in this price range is a bonus, but the point of intermittent diffusion is to give you a break from the mist and I don’t feel that a 10 second interval really accomplishes this. Better is the 1 hour timed setting on this model. This allows you to set it and forget it and you won’t overdo it.

Electric jack on the bottom: I question locating the electric jack on the bottom of the diffuser. I have had no problems so far, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if the water reservoir started to leak or maybe you spilled some while changing the water, leaving the diffuser sitting in a puddle. These are “what ifs,” but that was a design element that caught my attention.

Longevity: There are some reports online of a short life span. I tested it for about a week with no problems. The company does offer a one year warranty should you have any issues.


Overall, the Innogear real bamboo is an attractive diffuser with more features than you would expect. It would be great in a bedroom or office, but I successfully used it in a much larger space. At a very reasonable price point, you get a diffuser that is not plastic, has subtle (or no) lights, quiet operation, and several options for diffusion times. You can find the Innogear Real Bamboo Diffuser at Amazon (affiliate link),

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