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Antibacterial/Antiviral Oils for Disinfection

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Almost all essential oils have some degree of anti-microbial activity. The oils in this table are best known for their antiviral and/or antibacterial activity.  They make the perfect choice for a diffuser blend to disinfect a room. Not only can they cleanse the air of the nasties, but studies have shown that hard surfaces in a room are also disinfected when essential oils and diffused. Oils in bold font are most frequently noted for their antimicrobial properties.  If you have a favorite oil or blend for room disinfection, please leave a comment below.

Top Note Middle Note
Lemon Tea Tree
Bergamot Pine
Eucalyptus Cinnamon Leaf
Lavender Clove
Lemongrass Cajeput
Citronella Niaouli
Lavandin Oregano



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