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Terra cotta diffusers
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A few companies, as well as some artisans, offer terracotta jewelry, discs, or other objects designed to function as an evaporative diffuser. Terracotta has the property of once being kiln fired, it possesses tiny porosities. These little pockets allow the essential oils to absorb into the clay and then evaporate slowly out. As with any diffuser that works through passive evaporation, there is the possibility that some components of the essential oil may evaporate at different rates.

The advantage to this type of diffuser is its portability. As jewelry, it can be taken with you anywhere you go. Discs can go in drawers, closets, vehicles, RV’s, etc.

Terracotta diffusers take a minimal amount of oil, about 1 drop for the pendants. The oil should be completely absorbed before your wear your jewelry (remember we do not want undiluted essential oils touching our skin). Pendant style diffusers can also be used as a car diffuser. In testing terracotta pendants in a car, I found that oils with less strong scents such as lemon did not work well, while stronger scents such as rosemary provided the strongest aroma for a few hours before tapering off.

Once the pores are saturated, they should only need to be recharged every 2-3 days. In my testing, I found I could still detect an occasional whiff of scent up to 4 days after re-charging.
Terracotta diffusers range in price from $5-10 making them an affordable choice for diffusion on the go.

My favorite source for these is TerraCotta Pendants in New Brunswick, Canada (they sell worldwide).  I have tried others, but the quality of their pendants is the best. The edges are smooth and uniform and the terracotta is of uniform thickness.  They have a wide variety of designs available as pendants. A selection of their designs are also available as car diffusers (I have the Dream one to remind me to never give up on my dreams), and they recently introduced bracelets. The car diffusers are on a shorter cord and have an easy release magnetic closure. You can check out all of their designs here.

Other products include:
Auracacia Terracotta disc
Artisans on Etsy

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