Pilgrim Collection Sofia Waterless Nebulizing Diffuser

Pros: Intermittent misting, high quality materials, extra glass reservoir

Cons: Noise



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This post may contain affiliate links.

For a long time, the market has become inundated with ultrasonic diffusers. Now, we are starting to see some new options in nebulizing diffusers. The difference between the two is that nebulizers atomize undiluted essential oils into the air, while ultrasonics create a mist that from a few drops of essential oil in about a ½ c. of water. For more about the difference, see this post.

Pilgrim Collection has been impressing us for a while now with their beautiful wood and ceramic diffusers. Now they have forayed into the nebulizing space with the Sofia Waterless Diffuser.


One of the most unique features about this diffuser is that it comes with a spare oil reservoir. This means that you can switch to a different scent combination in seconds without having to clean out the tank and start fresh. This allows you to enjoy more scents and combinations, and get the most out of your home aromatherapy sessions. Other features include:

  • Waterless – Many essential oil diffusers use water to diffuse the oils.This diffuser is different because it uses no water and no heat, but it still diffuses just the right amount of scent into the air, so you get all of the benefits of the properties in the essential oils.
  • Adjustable Mist – This essential oil diffuser has an adjustable mist level in the form of a volume control button. It has a usage cycle of two minutes on and one minute off, and it shuts itself off after two hours of use, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.
  • Safe to Use – Not only is this safe because it can’t overheat, there are many other safety features about this diffuser that you will love. First, it is FSC certified. Also, it is BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful plastics.
  • Ambient Light – Meditation can help to relieve stress, and this essential oil diffuser can be part of your meditation sessions too. It has an independent LED light control, so you can enjoy soft lighting. The Meditation Mode allows you to fade the light up or down to sync with your breathing. The light can also be fully off.
  • European design – The Sofia is a pretty diffuser, with a wooden base and a ceramic cover. The interior reservoir is made of glass. Simple but elegant design is one of the strong points of the Pilgrim Collection line.
  • Warranty – This essential oil diffuser comes with a one-year warranty that protects you against any manufacturer defects. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and if you have any issues in the first year, you can have it replaced with no hassles and no questions asked. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.

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Pros and Cons

Even though this diffuser has some pretty great features, there are some things that customers aren’t happy with. It is always a good idea to read both positive and negative reviews about a product before making your final decision. With that in mind, let’s summarize the main pros and cons for the Sofia essential oil diffuser.


  • Appearance – This is an attractive, sleek looking essential oil diffuser that is going to look terrific in any room in your home. It is also great for the office, because it is small and compact, and can sit on any shelf.
  • Timer – Nebulizers are a bit behind ultrasonics when it comes to timer features. Most have adjustable outputs, but fewer have intermittent settings. The Sofia has a 2 minute on and 1 minute off intermittent setting. It will automatically shut off after 2 hours. While in my opinion, this is too long of a session, it is one of the few nebulizers with an automatic shut off at all, so can be useful if you tend to forget to turn things off!


  • Use of Oils – Some users have reported that this diffuser goes through oils too quickly, and that they have to use a lot more oil than they do with other essential oil diffusers.
  • Noise – If you are looking for a unit that is whisper-quiet, nebulizers will disappoint you.


If you are looking for a quality essential oil diffuser with a zen design, the Sofia is an excellent option. Not only is it safe to use, it offers features that you won’t find in other diffusers, including two reservoirs for quick scent changes. No diffuser is perfect, but in our research, we found that most users are happy with this diffuser.  If you like the look of the diffuser, but would prefer an ultrasonic, check out some of Pilgrim collection’s other diffusers below.

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