Classic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Pros: adds humidity, modest price, easy to maintain

Cons: less concentrated than nebulizing diffuser



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Hubmar is a Quebec based company that manufactures several diffusers. They offer businesses the option to private label their diffusers, and so you may see this model marketed under different brand names. Rather than review each brand separately, this page will refer to all brands of this diffuser model.

This ultrasonic model is one of the more popular, as well as widely available diffuser models. It is similar in many respects to the H2EO Ultrasonic Diffuser. This model is approximately 7 x 6 x 4 inches in dimension and emits a particle size of about 3 microns. It has three intensity settings of low, medium and high. It has five timer options for both continuous and intermittent diffusion (i.e. cycles off and on). To use, place water in the chamber (the manufacturer does not specify that any specific water type is necessary such as distilled or purified however using distilled water will probably help keep your unit functioning longer, especially if you have hard water) and add 3-5 drops of essential oil. The unit will shut off when the water level is low.

Advantages of ultrasonic models are that they can also humidify the air, and the concentration of the aroma is subtler than with a nebulizing diffuser. (Note, while the manufacturer refers to this as a “nebulizer”, it uses ultrasonic technology and water and should not be confused with true nebulizing diffusers that use air and pure essential oil.) These units are also easy to maintain. This model should be wiped out with a soft cotton cloth after each use. Other advantages are that it is relatively quiet and uses no glass or tubing. Coverage is for a small to medium sized area in your home. With the addition of the nozzle, you can direct the flow of the output. Leave the nozzle off and the mist diffuses upwards. The model also features a night light, and comes in silver, black or white/gold colors.

Pros: adds humidity, modest price, easy to maintain

Cons: less concentrated than nebulizing diffuser

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