Amrita Room Model Diffuser

Pros: fine mist of pure essential oil

Cons: noise, maintenance required, small coverage area



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Amrita’s line of nebulizing diffusers offer all of the function, with less regard for fashion. There are four varieties to choose from and with increasing price, you get increasing coverage.

The Room model covers about 150 sq. ft. and for a nebulizer they are reasonably priced. The room model would be suitable for a single room.

The manufacturer offers these with an optional on/off switch, so when purchasing from another vendor you may want to confirm whether a switch is included or you may end up plugging and unplugging this unit a lot. If you are planning on using this for occasional use, this may not be an issue.

The advantage of these nebulizing diffusers are that they propel ultrafine particles of pure (undiluted) essential oil in to the room. These particles are fine enough to remain suspended for a couple of hours which serves the dual benefit of being available for inhalation, as well as “cleansing” the air.

Like all nebulizers, this unit requires periodic cleaning and you should not allow oils to stand in the unit for extended periods of time or they will thicken and clog the device. Unlike some of the other nebulizing diffusers, the Amrita models also have a small piece of tubing that requires cleaning as well. Replacement glass chambers, tubing, as well as cleaning kits are all easily obtained from the manufacturer. The side loading glass chamber means that you may need to invest in some pipettes in order to neatly transfer essential oils into the chamber.

Pros: fine mist of pure essential oil

Cons: noise, maintenance required, small coverage area

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