Amrita Professional Diffuser

Pros: large coverage area

Cons: expensive, lack of options



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The Professional and Professional Deluxe models from Amrita represent the top of their line of nebulizing diffusers. This unit is similar to the room model and the big difference is the coverage area–up to 900 sq. ft. That is impressive for any device. The difference between the Professional and the Professional Deluxe is a timed interval on the Deluxe. It diffuses for 7 minutes on and 23 minutes off. Whether one needs to nebulize quite that much essential oil is debatable, but everyone has different needs and this model will suit some.

Looks are not Amrita’s strong point, and I feel for the price there are comparable options that will do the job just as well and save you money (which you can spend on essential oils!).

Maintenance is always going to be more cumbersome with a nebulizer such as this, however a maintenance kit and replacement parts can be purchased separately.

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