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Diffuser world company profileFor the last 18 years, Diffuser World (affiliate link)has been designing the most exceptional quality essential oil diffusers under the guidance of inventor Earl Sevy, who pioneered the company in 1999. It all started with Earl’s mission to develop the best diffuser on the market. He began by seeking customer opinions on the features they found lacking in the diffusers available on the market at the time. Earl used that information to develop plans for his initial products.

Earl knew that to produce the best diffusers available he needed to start with the best quality parts. But, when he sought them out and found that there were no parts on the market of high enough quality, he decided that the company would manufacture all of the components for their diffusers themselves to reach the standard of excellence that he was seeking.

Earl and his wife DeAnn started producing diffusers in their garage and yard with only 700 square feet of production space. Over the years their enterprise has evolved from those humble beginnings to the operation of a full-scale manufacturing facility. They now have a full product line and have met Earl’s goal to produce the best diffusers on the market.

Moe recently, DeAnn moved into the CEO role for the business so that Earl could focus entirely on product development. This change has opened the way for a variety of more innovative enhancements in their product line that combine to produce inventions with more significant therapeutic benefit. With Earl focusing on the design aspects of their products there are many new inventions in the works.

Based out of Enoch, Utah, Diffuser World is an entirely American company manufacturing and producing their products on American soil. They put the same pride of craftsmanship into their products that American products have been known for historically.

They are known for their top-notch customer service to go along with the consistently high-quality standards of their products.

With a varied line of products including atomizing, vaporizing and portable diffusers, essential oils and accessories like their Aroma-Silencer, they continue to produce the highest quality essential oil diffusion products on the market.

Examples of their best products include the Aroma-Ace, Aroma-Infinity and Aroma-Express diffusers. Here are some of the most beneficial features of these diffusers:

Aroma-Ace Atomizing Diffuser

One of Diffuser World’s flagship products, the Aroma-Ace is a solid performer with an innovative design. It uses cold diffusion to spread a micro vapor of essential oils into the air which sustains the full therapeutic benefit of the oil without the use of heat or water.


  • Quickly change essential oils with the quick change system without having to turn the diffuser off.
  • Plenty of control over the diffusion process with timers and power control built into the diffuser.
  • Air filtration through the unit’s filter provides cleaner air and keeps dust out of the diffuser.
  • The unit produces an essential oil vapor of 1-3 microns allowing for the most significant therapeutic aid.
  • The Aroma-Ace comes in five colors including blue, purple, green, black and pink.
  • Durable construction ensures this diffuser will do the job for years.

Aroma-Infinity Atomizing Diffuser

With a stylish design and features that are rarely available in other diffusers, the Aroma-Infinity is in a class of its own. It is one of the newer products in Diffuser World’s lineup, and its rich set of features rides along the cutting edge of aromatherapy diffuser technology.


  • A digital timer with an intermittent timing option allows for the Aroma Infinity to operate continuously while shutting on and off to produce just the right amount of vapor for your needs throughout the day.
  • Cold diffusion technology keeps the essential oil in its pristine state as it is vaporized and delivered into the air.
  • This diffuser is operable on a portable basis. With a rechargeable battery and USB connectivity for power on the go, the Aroma Infinity can operate in places where wall outlets may not be available.
  • This diffuser produces enough vapor for an 800 square foot area.

Aroma-Express Atomizing Diffuser

While it uses the same cold diffusion technology as the more robust diffusers at Diffuser World, the Aroma-Express is a smaller option with significant benefits. Its handy size makes it suitable for traveling and using in hotels, on the train or at any other place where you want the benefit of aromatherapy from a conveniently sized diffuser.


  • The output button allows control of the amount of oil this unit diffuses over time limiting the dispersion to a few seconds in set intervals or allowing for continual diffusion.
  • The run time button can be used to power this diffuser for 30 minutes to 180 minutes at a time or it can be set to run continually.
  • Quiet operation.
  • The Aroma-Express can diffuse enough oil to fill as much as a 600 square foot area.
  • The USB power connection allows for recharging the battery in any country or from laptop computers.

Diffuser World’s lineup of inventive and unique diffusers are designed to fill the aromatherapy needs of the most discerning customers. From its initial humble beginnings this company has become a leader in aromatherapy diffuser technology, and there is undoubtedly more innovation to come. You can check out all of their models here (affiliate link).

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