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Where to Buy Essential Oil Diffusers

I was asked recently “Where can I buy an essential oil diffuser?”  A few years ago, you would be hard-pressed to find a diffuser in a store, but now there are more and more local options. Despite that, the widest selection will still be available online. My first piece of …
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Innogear Real Bamboo Diffuser – Review

Disclosure: I received the Innogear Real Bamboo Diffuser in exchange for my honest review. The Innogear Real Bamboo essential oil diffuser (affiliate link, Amazon) is a pleasant surprise in an ever widening sea of cheap and flashy diffusers. When I received this diffuser, my first surprise was that the exterior …
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Real Glass Oil Diffusers

You may have heard that essential oils are too harsh to be contained in plastic containers. Why, you might ask then, are most of the diffusers out there made of plastic? A fair question and one that may lead you to think that a glass oil diffuser is a better …
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The 8 Most Beautiful Ultrasonic Diffusers

For years diffusers were not known for their beauty. Many of them are made of plastics, have cheesy lights and an utilitarian look to them.  Several of them look like humidifiers.  Fortunately, there are a few companies that are rectifying this by offering pretty diffusers that will look like a …
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Easy Homemade Diffuser

Here is an easy homemade passive diffuser that will cost you just a few dollars and a few minutes to make.  A while back, someone gave me a whole box of cinnamon sticks.  Since I already had cinnamon, they sat around for quite awhile and I no longer wanted to …