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What to Diffuse for Odors around your House

Diffusing essential oils provides a variety of positive health benefits but can also aid in the removal of common odors in and around your home. Aromatherapy oils for different odors are effective, natural, and affordable as you only need to diffuse a few drops to get results. Commercial sprays contain …
Essential Oil Blends Essential Oils

Diffuser Blends with Lime

Lime is an overlooked essential oil. I realized recently I have bought multiple bottles of lemon, as well as tangerine, grapefruit, & sweet orange but had never bought lime! Lime is a refreshing and uplifting oil and great when you want a change of pace from lemon oil. There are …
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Is your essential oil’s price too good to be true?

As aromatherapy blossoms in popularity, many are questioning whether the vendors they trusted really are selling pure, unadulterated, high quality oils. There have even been a couple of rounds of fundraising initiated to put company’s oils to the test. The money raised pays for independent testing of a company’s oils …
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7 Best Essential Oils for Your Diffuser

Much of aromatherapy literature focuses on topical application of essential oils.  If you own or are considering purchasing an essential oil diffuser, the oils you use for skin care may not be the ones that are best in a diffuser. For one thing, many of the oils that are wonderful …
Essential Oil Blends Essential Oils

Essential Oils to Enhance Immunity

Essential oils are quickly regaining their reputation for their antiviral and antibacterial properties. This is wonderful news for when you are ill, but what about staying healthy to begin with? Several essential oils are thought to stimulate the immune system and we will look at which oils can play a …
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Antibacterial & Antiviral Effects of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years. Stories have been passed down that suggest their effectiveness in preventing disease. Perfumers who worked with essential oils were noted for being resistant to illness, and grave robbers during the bubonic plague used aromatics to prevent getting sick while handling infected …
Essential Oil Blends Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Driving

More and more diffusers are being marketed as car diffusers. Certainly, there is a long history of air fresheners for cars, (remember those little tree shaped pieces of cardboard)? Choices for car diffusers include terracotta diffusers, passive heat diffusers that plug into..