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Best Nebulizing Diffusers

Choosing the best nebulizing diffuser can be a big decision. Nebulizers are one of the best types of essential oil diffusers, but are also some of the most expensive. What should you look for? This guide lays it all out for you. Why a nebulizer is best:

Best Ultrasonic Diffusers on a Budget

Looking for an ultrasonic diffuser in 2016 has become more confusing than ever. This guide explains the features in budget diffusers and our top picks. I counted over 50 brands on Amazon and quite frankly I don’t recognize 90% of them and I have been writing about

Diffusing essential oils around children

It can be difficult to find information dedicated to diffusing essential oils. Most aromatherapy books gave it a mention, maybe even devoting a few paragraphs to it. Yet, there has been rapid growth in the number of diffusers out there as well as the number of people

Is your essential oil’s price too good to be true?

As aromatherapy blossoms in popularity, many are questioning whether the vendors they trusted really are selling pure, unadulterated, high quality oils. There have even been a couple of rounds of fundraising initiated to put company’s oils to the test. The money raised pays for independent testing of

Diffusing Essential Oils for Insomnia

Beating Insomnia Naturally Insomnia can affect up to one-third of adults. For some, it is temporary, brought on by a period of stress or by warm weather. For others it is an ongoing problem. Not enough sleep can make you irritable, unable to focus, gain weight, and

Using Jewelry for Essential Oils

Many essential oil diffusers are built for your home, or perhaps your car, but what about diffusing essential oils on the go?   Increasingly there are options for jewelry that doubles as a diffuser.  While some aromawear lacks beauty, increasing interest in aromatherapy jewelry means a lot more